Monday, July 2, 2007

Rucci’s Most Exclusive Collection

Rucci’s “Tempest”


The Serge Sorokko Gallery has just opened the exclusive exhibit of fashion designer/artist Ralph Rucci’s latest paintings: “Ralph Rucci: Messages from the Void, Part 2.” The 40-piece collection has a dramatic, highly sophisticated feel that, like his clothing, is really quite beautiful. It was a thrill to see the work.

Sorokko Sign

I attended the crowded opening last week, where the big surprise was the attendance of James Galanos, the great legend of American couture, who had come in from Los Angeles for the occasion. In the photo above, he is shown with Joy Venturini Bianchi, caught in a rare moment without her signature frames. As always, she’s dressed totally of the moment (notice the chic turban), yet is totally classic (in Rucci, naturalment.)

Also wearing Rucci, Tatiana Sorokko (shown here with David Nash), who looked absolutely regal. I affectionately think of her as the “Empress Tatiana” due to her exquisite bearing (but don’t get the wrong idea… she’s not some difficult queen. She’s the nicest woman!) I suspect that my idol Diana Vreeland, who loved Russian imperial glamour, would have adored her.

Below, see some of the other fabulous people who came to the Rucci reception.

Peter Coyote, Stefanie Coyote, Denise Bradley

Denise Bradley, Peter Coyote and Stefanie Coyote, enjoying the art.

Katya and Serge Sorokko

Katya and Serge Sorokko

Ralph Rucci and Elizabeth Thierot

Ralph Rucci and Elizabeth Thieriot

Shannon Bavaro Rucci Sorokko Galanos Joel Goodrich and Joy Venturini Bianchi

Shannon Bavaro; Rucci, Sorokko, Galanos; Joel Goodrich, Joy Bianchi

Clara Shayevich and Tatiana Sorokko Tina Spangler and Tatiana Sorokko Norah Stone

Clara Shayevich, Sorokko; Tina Spangler, Sorokko; Norah Stone

Claudia Ross John and David of Torso. Jeane Taylor

Claudia Ross; John and David of Torso Vintages; Jeanne Taylor

And don’t you just love Jeanne Taylor’s striking style? She’s like an older version of the cool Hitchcock blonde of the ’60s; so beautifully trim, so polished and perfectly poised!

The Rucci exhibit is continuing at 231 Grant Avenue until June 20, so do make a point to see it!

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